Druida IDE Lite



Powerful, beautiful and simple

Versatile Interface

  • Dynamic Syntax Highlighting
  • Beautiful predefined themes
  • Integrated tools to create custom themes

Open source

  • Developed on Visual Studio Community
  • vb.NET and C# language
  • Extra Arduino powerful libraries

Smart Boards Manager

  • Images for all compatible boards
  • Choose your favorite boards, to select they easily from main screen
  • Board and Hardware settings, saved on each project file.

Smart Examples and Library Manager

  • Examples organized in a tree
  • Quickly code preview
  • Schematics and circuit for some examples
  • Integrated search system

Awesome Code Completion

  • Dinamic Code Completion with syntax description
  • Description of members for most built-in libraries
  • The Dynamic Code Completion System learn with user declarations and comments

Detailed Errors Report

  • Errors report list at end of compiling
  • Detailed errors list that guides the user to find the problem
  • Warnings list

Easy to use

Druida IDE Lite, doesn’t need any additional configuration to debugger, compile, and upload* your code to Arduino boards.

*don’t forget to check your usb drivers!

Additional Features

  • Import your schematics and circuits to your project
  • Code Folding
  • Code Snippets Manager, to add your custom Code Snippets to database
  • Hardware Monitor to check status of your board ports at real-time (BETA)
  • Serial Data Logger to record data and save informations on your project
  • Objects navigator with main structures declared by user, and a rapid navigation between them
  • Quickly switch between recent projects
  • Notification message, showing connected device port name
  • Pinout manager
  • And More…


Choose one of these options:

Buy Official Commercial License

Download Free Version (Educational Purposes)

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